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Assignment description:
The advocacy project is to focuseither on a specific client population or counseling as a profession. The project should offer the student an opportunity to focus on counseling in an innovative way. Advocacy supports the rights and opportunities of clients and/or the profession. Advocacy takesplace through political activities and community initiatives to achieve rights, protections,and opportunities for clients, counselors and counselors-in-training. The student will submit a plan illustrating how he/she will assist in implementing a project. The paper is to follow the stylistic conventions set forth in the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual.
This project is based on a series of workshop that has been identified in the community of Trinidad and Tobago by the elementary school system. The first of the series was on suicide that took place in April 2013 (25 and 26), the second was on Bullying Awareness and prevention that took place on Sept 18 and 19, 2013.
To date, these were the needs that were assessed and addressed.
This advocacy is to help create a new culture where the parents, teachers and students are involved and aware.
In this paper:
Need to talk about the underpinning of advocacy
What is the need for this project and the Steps for implementation.
This is for the Counseling profession