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Babies on child development

Consider the following questions about your own infancy . This will involve having a conversation with your parent(s) or someone who knew you has a infant and child. (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYONE TO TALK WITH ABOUT YOUR CHILDHOOD – DON’T STRESS – SEND ME AN EMAIL AND WE WILL WORK SOMETHING OUT)
1.Were you breastfed or bottle-fed? For how long? When you were introduced to solid foods, did you have any allergies? Were you overweight, underweight, or average weight at 1 year old?
2.Where did you sleep? Were you a good sleeper (slept all night and napped during the day) or not?
3.How old were you when you: rolled over, sat up, crawled, cruised, walked alone?
4.What were your first words? Was more than one language spoken at home? If so, which did you prefer to use?
5.How would you describe your own temperament? Ask your parents or someone who knew you when you were an infant/child about your temperament. Were you an easy child, a difficult child, or a slow-to-warm-up child? How stable has your temperament been over the course of your development? If you had brothers or sisters, how different or similar were your individual temperaments? Do you think temperament is inherited? How do other individuals (your parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, teachers, etc.) react to your temperament style? What have been the advantages and disadvantages of having your temperament? Do you think there is a connection between your temperament and how your body feels during emotions? (For example, if you are shy, do certain situations make your body feel uncomfortable?