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Business Law ( case Study

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Case study
Nicholas is the managing director of a large construction company, Constructs Pty Ltd. He regularly has to tender for contracts for new jobs. Constructs Pty Ltd is busy at the moment but Nicholas is concerned about not having enough work to keep all his staff employed over the next 12 months.
Nicholas has been in negotiations with the Western Australian Department of Education about tendering for a contract to build a new high school in Perth, Western Australia. Nicholas has begun liaising directly with the Minister for Education, Joanne Lim. The Minister is able to enter into contracts on behalf of the State of Western Australia.
The Minister is concerned that Constructs Pty Ltd is not the best company for the job as they do not specialise in landscaping. The Minister is determined to construct a high school that will have modern facilities inside the class room and out. Nicholas assures the Minister that the company will employ three renowned landscapers if Constructs Pty Ltd is the successful tenderer.