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change management

Critically discuss a change management project or strategy that has been undertaken or is being planned in a health related organisation
Critically discuss a change management project or strategy that has been undertaken or is being planned in a health related organisation. Use the relevant literature to support an analysis and critical discussion of:
– the aim of the change in relation to the organisation’s mission and strategic goals/objectives
-the steps which were(or should be) followed when implementing change
-the change management strategies and processes used
-the barriers and facilitators to the success of this change
-the leadership role in this change process
Use MRSA reduction program for change management project/strategy. The MRSA reduction program and the hospital’s mission is attacted in upload file
MRSA reduction program
Hospital acquired MRSA infections remain to be a major health care concern due to its high mortality and health care cost. The incidence of hospital acquired MRSA in M&G department has increased almost by 50% over the past year (2010 vs 2011 = 41 vs 61) and MRSA bacteraemia has doubled from 3 incidence in 2010 to 6 in 2011. Some of these infections or colonization are preventable. Improvement efforts from overseas and local hospitals have demonstrated success in MRSA control by implementing a combination of interventions.
Key/Intended Improvement:
A patient care enhancement program, “MRSA Reduction Program” is planned to be launched in M&G department with the aim to control hospital acquired MRSA infections and colonization.
The program will include 6 components:
1) Bathing MRSA patients with 2% Chlorhexidine Skin Cleanser to reduce colonization burden.
2) Provide non-critical designated equipment to MRSA patients to minimize cross contamination & transmission.
3) Enhance decontamination of environment and implement Universal Color Code System for environmental cleansing.
4) Promote intravenous catheter care bundle.
5) Conduct cause analysis for MRSA bacteraemia cases. Conduct MRSA training to emphasis importance of barrier precautions, hand hygiene and to highlight common failure modes and their effects.
What did you changeor plan to change (Actions for improvement)
1. Additional designated non-critical care equipment for MRSA / MDRO patients was implemented in all M&G wards. Items include individual BP cuff, stethoscope, thermoscan and toniquet putting in a designated container by bedside. These items are designated yellow in color for easy awareness by clinical staffs.
2. Patient was showered with 2% Chlorhexidine Skin Cleanser in the following day after admission to decrease the bacteria load. Bed linen was changed after each shower.
3. Universal Color Code Cleansing System was piloted, decontamination frequency was enhanced to 2 times per day for MRSA / MDRO patients.