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Criminal Theories

Paper instructions:
Topic: Choose a particular case that has been in the news in the last 5 years. This type of crime will serve as the focal point of your theories. The point of this paper is to take two theories and apply them to your type of crime. For example, (now no-one can use this) let’s take the Boston bombing case. This could serve as your example in a paper on domestic terrorism. HOWEVER, be very clear that your paper is about the theories, not the crime. Only a page or so should lay out the crime, the vast majority of your paper will be about the theories you are using.
The focus of this paper will be to use two very different theories to explain how we can make sense of this crime using different perspectives.
Structure: Introduction (crime/theories), literature review (how have these theories been used in the past), application section (how are you using the theories to explain your topic), and conclusion.
Please use a total of 5 scolarly sources and include the attached book as a source. There is a lot of information in the PDF’s.