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Critical analysis to avoid the failure of Novopay Project

Novopay is a large payroll system designed for the ministry of education by Talent2. Over the last 12 months we have seen failure after failure of this system in headlines on a weekly basis (e.g., “One year of ‘Novopain’” and “Novopay a sore on Govt rump”).
write a report that focuses on how the project management methodology could have been used to stop/limit this project failure. write a short case giving a short history of this situation. You will also need to write a 3500 word report1 and submit it to stream by the due date (13th October at 11:55pm). Your report should make use of a range of popular within the project management literature. More details regarding this assignment will be covered in class. Write a report that focuses on how the Project Management methodology could have been used to stop limit this project. Discuss why this project is failure