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Dayton’s Immigration Strategy

Answer each of the following questions about the text “Dayton’s Immigration Strategy fof Growm ’5
Drawing Notice” in your own words. Make sure to use complete sentences.
1. How was the Dayton from the years 1940-1960 different from the Dayton of the 197os through
2. What reason does the author give for Dayton’s population loss? (2 points)
3. How is Dayton’s view of immigrants different from other states’ policies towards immigrants?(2pt9i
4. What idea does Dayton have to help the city grow again? (2 points)
5. some people oppose the Welcome Dayton Plan. Find oneofthereasonsvmy they oppose it (un- favored view) and describe it below . Then, and one of the reasons why other people
support the plan (favored view), and describe It below l swoon flavored view):