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Engineering and Construction

Tectonic culture
Project description
Write a short essay of 300-500 words. You should limit your discussion to the 2 texts related to this task, and if required, the texts provided as recommended readings. Please use proper academic referencing protocols with Chicago Style.
In a bid to explain the relationship between the structural rationale of Engineering and the aesthetic considerations of Architecture, Peter Collins proposes a study of ‘Tectonics’, further claiming that “our present task is not to parody great feats of engineering in works of human scale, but to raise tectonics to the degree it merits.”
Frampton provides a more vivid and situated description of the term, ranging from the cultural implications of craft to the philosophical notions of ontology, and offers a parallel to Collins view when he asserts that a focus on Tectonics “is not to deny spatial ingenuity but rather to heighten its character through its precise realisation.”
Based on the readings, what do you understand by the term ‘Tectonics’ or ”Tectonic Culture’, and as a designer how would this inform your design process.