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HCI Journal

Overall Task: Keep an HCI journal observations of the HCI issues that pertain to your work and work of others you either service or are in contact with. This is an opportunity for you to reflect and observe on how HCI issues permeate what we do and how others are affected by how technology is designed and used.
Some observations may include, but are certainly not limited to:
• The problems and opportunities of advocating HCI principles or strategies to fellow peers or co-workers;
• Decisions in your work that are HCI related;
• Episodes of information overload and cause and effect;
• Norms of behaviors and habits of email/text/social communications;
• Indirect observations of individuals using an online application;
• Your own enlightened view of the design of any interface;
• Copyright and intellectual property matters you may be dealing with;
• How people respond to online or hardcopy documentation;
• Some interface design challenges of multimedia retrieval;
• Indirect observations on people and their information seeking behaviors or tasks and what
• HCI considerations are involved;
• Observations on differences or similarities between textual and graphical information
• Your thoughts on perceived vs. actual use of digital systems
• Specific details of interfaces that you have worked with that could be improved
• Other creative ideas you may have!!
The list of possibilities for journal entries is endless! You will need to reflect considerably on things you may not have considered important in the past. Please do not provide sketchy observations and/or thoughts. Write your journal entries comprehensively and succinctly and demonstrate you have thought the experience through! Each journal entry MUST contain at least ONE reference (check your sources, make sure it is credible) that supports your assertions. More references are encouraged, which will show you have done your research!! Each entry must contain at least ONE visual (youtube video, image, ect). This is imperative for explaining and illustrating the issue you have selected.
Format for the HCI Journal
Title journal entries:
Journal Entry #1, Monday 09/23/2013
Give a theme title to the observation
“The Design of a Online Shopping Interface”