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Discussion 1
Watch Community Voices.
• According to the film, how do social context and personal history impact health behaviors?
• How do values regarding authority, gender, physical contact, decision-making, and religion affect health?
• What recommendations would you make in order to help health organizations provide high-quality care to diverse populations?
Discussion 2
Discuss a place that you have traveled (near or far) in your lifetime in which you noticed the vegetation and its influence by the climate of the area.
Student Response
I think that over time obstructive lung disease causes more problems due to debilitation, and the loss of elascticity and function, that may include cancer. As a person ages there is a narrowing of the bronchioles and alveoli to the point of becoming brittle and collapse. Cigarette smoking can play a key role in this and it has been said to me that the younger the age you are when you quit smoking, the more you save your lung compacity. Obstructive like infflammatory disease can also be treated with inhalers and aerosols. Oxygen in those who are dibilitated is a must. Screening can include biopsy,sputum culture, x-rays, ct scan, percussion, pulmonary function test, and auscultation (William Shea). Agree or Disagree