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Lab assignment : Dr. Michael Jude Loquasto

Discuss as many of the CCO criteria as possible that are appropriate to the web site you are reviewing.
2.Don’t just stop at the web page you are evaluating. Use other web searches to find more information about the concepts, authors, inventors, researchers, etc. as kind of a second opinion.
3. Don’t forget to include a conclusion and what led you to that conclusion. You will need to describe what you can conclude about the site overall given your assessment. If some areas of the web site are credible and others are not, try to be specific in discussing which ones and why.
4.Be creative in your investigation techniques
5.Use common sense
Make sure to discuss as many criteria as possible and include a conclusion as to whether you feel the information is credible or not. Here are the specifics of what you need to do:
1.Assess the credibility of one of the optional websites using the CCO method and the CCO worksheet. Relate your assessment to what you found by using the CCO worksheet. Don’t just describe your gut feel but do some research.
that’s the website for this assignment