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Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

1. Conduct a Brainstorming session to generate ideas (100+) on, “How to solve the growing debt problem in the US government?” Follow this with an affinitization session to create 6-10 categories of potential solutions.
2. Using Fishbone analysis, identify a problem, formulate a problem statement and populate a fishbone with abundant potential root causes. (40+) Come to agreement on 3-5 most probable root causes.
3. Using the problem statement from #2 or a new problem execute the 5 –Why process. Illustrate drilling to sufficient depth that the ultimate root cause is obvious and no further drilling would be beneficial.
4. Comment on the experience with each of the 3 techniques.
Other information:
Facilitation Techniques:
1. Brainstorming
Affinitize Ideas: Organize and group ideas from the Idea Pool using an Affinity Diagram
• Main Groups
• Sub-Groups
Affinity Diagram:
2. Cause & Effect/Fishbone Diagram
3. 5-Whys/Why-Why Diagram