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Light pollution and diurnal motion

Paper instructions:
For this project you are going to have to do a little traveling.
Part 1: From the city, choose three stars you can easily identify. Using a cardboard tube, center it on each of the stars you chose and count how many stars you can see within the area of the tube.
Part 2: From a location well away from civilization and on the same night as part 1, use the same three stars you chose before and count how many stars you can see through the tube in the new location.
Part 3: On a clear night, track the location of the big dipper relative to the north star. Starting well after sun down, make a sketch or take a picture of the where the big dipper is relative to the horizon and the north star. Wait an hour, then go out and add to your original sketch the new location of the big dipper or take another picture. Repeat the process twice more.