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making good decisions

1. What do you personally think is the biggest obstacle to making good decisions?
2. Do you think it is easier to make decisions as an individual or as part of a group? Discuss.
3. Respond to this statement: ā€œSustainable competitive advantage only functions well as a theory and is impossible in practice.ā€
4. What kind of benchmarking do you do in order to boost your performance as a student? How does it help?
Chapter 7 & 8
1. How do you think work environment influences the innovation process? Explain.
2. Can any company go global? Why or why not?
3. How can you be sure that the way you run your business in one country is the right way to run it in another?
chapter 9 & 10
1. Can a company outsource core business activities and still be successful? Explain your reasoning.
2. Have you ever been on a team that was particularly cohesive? In contrast, have you ever participated on a team that was fragmented? Discuss your experiences with teams.
3. Have you ever been on a team with a slacker? Have you ever been the slacker? Discuss.