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Nursing Evidence Base Practice

Project description
NURS 4525 Nursing Theory, Education, and EBP Online Assignment:
Read the Assigned Chapters on Nursing Theory, Nursing Education, and Evidence Based Practice
1. Describe a nursing situation from your professional practice or clinical experience as a nursing student in which you feel that a decision regarding patient care may have been made WITHOUT consideration of evidence-based practice (EBP). (one paragraph)
2. If you were going to consult the EBP literature to find out the best approach to handle a similar situation in the future, what PICO question would you formulate to guide your review?
3. What is the value of advanced education in nursing, and how does advanced education in nursing help to build a nursing workforce that’s more likely to employ EBP? (one paragraph)
4. Based on your experiences as a nurse, describe an example of how accreditation and regulation have improved patient safety. (one paragraph)
5. Pick one of the nursing roles described in your text and briefly describe how you think earning your BSN will better prepare you for that role. (one paragraph)
Your answers should demonstrate an understanding of what you read about Nursing Education and Evidence Based Practice.
Text book :Finkelman,A & Kenner,C. (2012). Professional nursing concepts:competencies for quality leadership 2nd edition