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Old Reliable Life Insurance

You are the assistant to Julie Davidson, the sales manager of Old Reliable Life Insurance Company. Julie is interested in equipping her sales force with the technology they need to sell Old Reliable’s insurance products. Most of her salespeople visit customers in their homes or offices. Today, the salespeople carry a laptop computer to show value projections and cash flow summaries for various policies. Many of them also carry a PDA for appointments and a mobile phone. Julie would like to ensure that salespeople have access to the home office server computers while they are making their sales presentations to customers. This access will let salespeople download the latest product information and obtain online assistance from office staff and in house experts when the salespeople get a question from a customer that they are not able to answer. A correct and quick answer to a customer’s question can often help close a difficult sale. Julie asks you to investigate various options for giving salespeople wireless remote access to the home office server computers. She wants you to consider options that use the sales force members’ laptop computers or that use their mobile phones or wireless PDAs.
Prepare a report for Julie in which you briefly review at least three options, writing no more than two paragraphs for each option. Then choose the best option and write a one-page evaluation of your choice’s strengths and weaknesses. Use the Online Companion links and your favorite Web search engines to do your research.
Be sure to attach your work in a Word document with at least one full page of content. Be sure to cite any and all references.