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Organizational Problem Statement- McDonalds Restaurant

McDonald’s restaurant- Organizational Issue
McDonald jobs are low paid and are a low skilled work. This combination is viewed as negativity by its employees. This blend results in lower performance and high employee turnover, which increases training costs and increases the general costs of McDonald’s.
Identify and clarify the Problem Statement. Select a tool (such as a Fishbone or SWOT diagram) that will help you clearly and succinctly formulate a problem statement.
• Set the stage-what is the purpose of this paper?
• Scan and assess the organizational environment for a problem that needs to be addressed
Description of the issue/problem
• What is the general nature of the problem?
• Distinguish symptoms of the problem and what is the underlying problem
Identification of organizational Stakeholders
• Who is affected by the problem?

Understanding through Mental Mapping
• Utilize a mapping process to enhance the investigation of the problem. Refer to textbook (Appendix A) for ideas on mapping process as a research tool (Vandenbosch, B (2003). Designing solutions for your business problems. San Francisco, CA. Josse-Bass).
• What was discovered?
• What are key learning lessons?
Reference Page
Paper Length
• 4 pages, double spaced, not including the title page and reference page
Appearance, Spelling, Grammar, Organization, and APA
• 6th Edition Format & Style