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professional presentation software

Paper instructions:
create a mock presentation using PowerPoint, or other professional presentation software and present your action research proposal to your peers through VoiceThread, Jing, Voki, or other screencast digital tool. An alternative would be to use to create both slides and video simultaneously.
Your slides must include all nine components of the action research plan and follow the guidelines for creating effective presentations as discussed in the required and recommended video tutorials located in the recommended and required readings section.
It is imperative that your voice is heard as opposed to text exclusively. Therefore, it is a requirement you either include the video component with audio or simply record your voice as you share your action research proposal.
You must keep your presentation under five minutes. Keep in mind, the emphasis is more on you and less on a number of slides that are seen. You need to give all the important information to your audience verbally. Include a link to your presentation or attach it to your discussion post.
Guided Response: View and respond to at least two peers. As you move through the forum, if you see that some classmates’ posts do not have any posted responses, please view their video and respond so everyone receives feedback. Provide each other with the following constructive feedback:
Areas of strength regarding their action research plan itself
Areas of strength regarding their presentation (think of the tutorial tips)
Pose a question regarding what you saw and heard in their presentation. Were there any components that were not entirely clear?
Make a recommendation for improving or enhancing an element of their work so as to be better prepared for their final action research proposal project.