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Psychology Article

Find a scholarly psychological article that incorporates some aspect of psychology (e.g. development, mental health, self-esteem, motivation, identity, etc.) AND stereotyping, discrimination, prejudice, injustice, or one or more ISM.
The article you choose should touch on one of the following general topics:
?How and why injustices occur and continue to exist
?How people develop stereotypes/judgments
?What influences an individual to behave in ways that are unjust/discriminatory
?What influences people’s perceptions of individuals who are victims of one or more of the ISM’s
?Aspects of psychology/development that effect whether or not people perpetuate injustices
?Characteristics of individuals that promote justice and/or injustice
?Contact your TA if you are unsure about whether or not your topic is suitable
Write a 3-page paper that includes:
(A) a summary/definition of the injustice/ISM you choose, (B) an overview of the article you choose (no more than 12-15 sentences), (C) what is interesting about the article you choose/how can the world (victims of injustice) benefit from the information provided in your chosen article?