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Psychology Stroop effect paper

Part 1: Design
1. Design a stroop task that involves one factor interfering with another factor that you are trying to measure. (no snake stroop and no color stroop) And make sure your independent and dependent variables? Controls?
2. Make sure your instruction for the experimental and control conditions should be the same, the results change because of your manipulation.
3. Design your stimuli and run 8 participants in your study. Randomly select participants that accurately represent the population, Conduct your experiment.
4. Collect eight participants’ data.
Enter your data into the resampling applet, (WithinAndBetweenSubjectsReasmpling.jar)which will:
Use your data to theoretically duplicate your experiment
Calculate & store the mean difference between the two conditions in the theoretical experiment
Repeat above steps thousands of times
Plot a histogram of the expected distribution of results
Show percentage of time results did not support your hypothesis
Screen shot of your resampling data image and put in the last page of your paper.
5. Find other 2 literature sources. (exceptstroop 1935)