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public health-Bali Bombing

To critique the management of as international disaster/crisis-Bali Bombing 2002
Using a major crisis or public health emergency that has occurred internationally since
the year 2000, students must comprehensively critique the primary issues associated
with the overall crisis management for the event. Students should comment on the
core topics introduced in Ti/15563 including management of media and
communications, fatality management, psychosocial and ethical issues, relevant legal
issues and any issues associated with deployment of foreign aid teams.
a) Choose a major emergency or disaster that has occurred internationally since
2000. Provide a BRIEF (no more than one paragraph) summary of the event.
b) Conduct a comprehensive literature review on the event. (Note: You may want
to focus your search on the key management issues you need to address for the
assignment). You must document a transparent search methodology, including
search strategy, sources, date range searched, any limitations and results.
c) Using the literature identified, review and critique how the crisis was managed.
Students should comment on the core topics introduced in TM5563. it would be
useful to use clear subheadings for the issues you are examining.
d) For those core issues that were not adequately covered in the literature
identified on the event, comment on what you think the key leadership and
management challenges would have been.