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Puritans and Quakers

French & Indian War
American War of Independence
I. Identification
Using the powerpoints, class notes, and handouts, write a SHORT paragraph (no more than 5 sentences) identifying each section and naming how it relates to the class theme. You are not writing a textbook! Be concise. A short paragraph for each is sufficient.
2. Embodiment
Using the powerpoints, class notes, and handouts, please choose from each section: a person, event or concept that you believe most fully embodies each and then write a few sentences explaining the importance of what you chose. As you write these, try to carefully explain why you chose each and how it illustrates the period for you. Begin with: “I chose x because…”
3. Legacy
With the above work as a background, please consider the legacy of each of these sections. Explore both the best and the worst. What was the best thing that happened in each of these sections? Why are these topics still remembered and explored? What was the worst? How does this legacy still linger? (In other words, name how what you chose influences us still today.)