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Role of interior designer using color to create healthy interior space

Use the ROSTE structure for your plan, and justify and explain your modifications, deletions, and additions in each of the five areas (R, O, S, T, & E) with reference to resources about intercultural communication generally and international public relations specifically.
The case study is about Thailand and how they did the campaign to awareness Thais about depression. So you need to use the same campaign and apply it to Saudi Arabia culture by use the same idea they did use in Thailand. Some of the Tactics and Strategy will not work in Saudi Arabia explain why and what is best way could use to succeed in the awareness campaign of depression in Saudi Arabia.
When you write a sentence you need to support it by information, source and provide example.
Then, rewrite the plan given in your chosen case study into a new version which is culturally appropriate and which references every recommendation that you make in the new plan, whether for tactics, research, messages, etc., using cited sources from your readings or library research to explain and justify your choices and adaptations.
You are NOT to locate existing campaigns on the given issues in your chosen cultures and copy them (although such existing campaigns might provide excellent background research, which you can reference); you are to create a new campaign on one of the issues in your textbook cases. (If you plagiarise, Turnitin will locate any existing plans on the topic for comparison with your work.)