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Slow hood

l. In the past people learned about food from their mothers. ls this 51;” th
today‘? What or who is the most signilicunt influence on the way you eat‘) ‘3 case
2, ls the influence of media on our food choices :1 good thing‘?
3. If you were the minister for health what approach would you take in ord
ensure improx ed health outcomes lor all .-ustralians‘? 9’10
4. Experts talk about health} food choices and man)‘ people ignore1hcm_ Why,’
5. It has been argued that ‘last l‘ood‘ and ‘Slow hood’ are in competition tamhe
other‘? Do you agree’.’ Is it Lm e en contest.‘ ad‘
6. ‘Nothing‘s better than food straiglit from the g;u’dcn to the stomach‘, what are
the pros and cons oliprix ate and L’oll11IlUIlll}’ lood gzirdeiis‘?
You will be expected to write an 1200-1500 word essay. The thesis statement you construct
around your chosen question will be the main locus ol _‘our discussion and will therefore guide
your essay structure. You are expected to produce a L‘dl’L‘lUll_‘ structured and coherently argued
essay backed up by reliable sources of information. _~lat‘ks will be awarded lor both the essav
(structure and content) and for correct relerencing within the essay. See your FDNIOZ Reader:
Skills Topic 3 for Chicago Referencing style 1 l 36-13% and Skills Topic 6 ll’ri’!i’ng Essays (157.
l 78) for information on structuring and writing essays. You should have a minimum of7
references in your essay from valid sources (eg. text books. research papers. government
organisations. journal articles FDX102 Reader etc)- not just from unreliable internet searches. For
a detailed marking guide see Appendix 6.