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State-Level Implementation of Multitiered Systems of Support

– conduct an analysis of state-level implementation of multitiered systems (MTTS) of support across Michigan, Colorado, and West Virginia.
– In the evaluation, compare the states. The analysis should include:
1) Terms used to describe components
2) Order of components (are they organized differently from one another? What might the order signify?
3) Evaluate the degree of success you believe each of the 3 states is achieving in implementing MTSS overall, based on best practices described in the research you have investigated.
– What might be missing from each of the 3 states?
– What is being implemented particularly well?
– Find sources from each of the three states to support your conclusions.
(1) Analysis of State-level Implementation of MTTS
(2) Comparison of Colorado, Michigan, and West Virginia
(2A) Terms used to describe the components.
(2B) Order of components Degree of implementation.
(2C) Degree of implementation.
(3) Evaluation of success of each state achieving MTTS
(3A) What may be missing in each state.
(3b) What is being implemented particularly well.
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