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Please answer the following questions in paragraph form. Plagiarism-free
1. Do you think technology will eventually enable top managers to do their jobs with little face to face communication? Discuss
2. Describe how the four balanced scorecard components discussed in the chapter might be used for feedback control within organizations. Which of these components is more similar to outcome control? Which of these components is more similar to behavior control?
3. Apply the concept of life to an organization with which you are familiar, such as a local business. What stage is the organization in now? How did the organization handle or pass through its life cycle crises?
4. Government organizations often seem more bureaucratic than for-profit organizations. Could this partly be the result of the type of control used in government organizations? Explain.
5. How much do you think it is possible for an outsider to discern about the underlying cultural values of an organization by analyzing symbols, ceremonies, dress, or other observable aspects of culture, compared to an insider with several years of work experience? Select a percentage (e.g., 10%, 70%) and discuss your reasoning.
6. Can you recall a situation in which either you or someone you know was confronted by an ethical dilemma, such as being encouraged to inflate an expense account or trade answers on a test? Do you think the decision was affected more by individual moral values or by the accepted values within the team or company? Explain.
7. Why do you think open innovation has become popular in recent years? What steps might a company take to be more “open”with innovation? Is there risk to suggesting new ideas in a company? What might be some disadvantages of taking an open innovation approach?
8. A noted organization theorist said,” Pressure for change originates in the environment. Pressure for stability originates within the organization.” Do you agree? Discuss?