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The Moral Foundations Self-Assessment Exercise

Part 1: Start by writing a one-page description of the most important values that help you navigate through daily
experiences and life as a whole. Identify the set of values or principles that you would never violate voluntarily or
willingly because you consider them “sacred” and among the complex facets or dimensions of your personality,
these values most accurately define the deepest core or essence of who you are as a person and help you
differentiate “right” from “wrong.” These core values may develop or change gradually over a lifetime but in
most cases they are stable and enduring. Discuss how such values may have become a central part of your self-
concept and when you may have become aware of their centrality or importance to your identity. Have these
values changed as you progressed from late childhood to adolescence to adulthood, and if so, how and why?
Part 2: After you’ve written a description of what you consider to be your core values, read the short
introduction to “Moral Foundations Theory” at the following URL: