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The Perfect Job

Most people must work for a living and although work can be an important opportunity for personal growth, it can present many challenges that require adjustment for health and well-being. Level of job satisfaction can lead to substantial stress if satisfaction is low; high job satisfaction, on the other hand, usually results in lower stress.
In order to adjust optimally to the 21st Century workplace, it is useful to think about the numerous elements of the job which are related to adjustment that can contribute to or detract from job satisfaction and thus stress. Some of these elements include the reward system (the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards), the types of training or instruction provided (to help you do your job well), the feedback you receive on your job performance, your level of financial compensation, your schedule, the technology provided to help you get the job done, and the treatment of you and others including but not limited to the presence or absence of sexual harassment. In addition to elements in the workplace that contribute or detract from job satisfaction, you need to know about how to cope with stress when it arises, as well as how to prevent burnout.CLICK HERE