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here is the video’s address:
Length: 2-4 pages of double-spaced, 12-point font (refer to the manuscript guidelines)
Requirements: At least two outside (secondary) sources must be included in the response section of your essay; these will be either be paraphrases or direct quotations; all cited material must be parenthetically cited in text using MLA guidelines; papers not adhering to MLA citation guidelines will not receive a passing grade.
Format: Use MLA citation format for in-text citations and your works cited. Follow direct quotations with a parenthetical citation of the author or film you have quoted or paraphrased from:
Write out direct quotations from the videos using proper punctuation and capitalization. Follow the general punctuation rules, capitalizing the first word in each sentence and any proper nouns, such as names. ?Also, be sure to place the lines in quotation marks. If the lines are longer than four lines, create a block quote. For block quotes, leave off the quotation marks. In that case, indent the entire block of text one inch; double-space the section and place an in-text citation directly after the movie lines quoted and before the period ending the final sentence. Place the name of the movie, properly capitalized, into parentheses; format it with italics. Follow that with a period.??
How to Cite a YouTube Video:
For videos, provide the author only if you are sure that person created the video. Do not list the person posting the video online as the author. If you are unsure, treat the citation as having no author. Follow the same standards for a regular web source with author, title of post, Online Posting, sponsor (YouTube), date of access, medium, date of access, and URL.
Has an author:
Takayma-Ogawa, J., & Willette, J. Online Posting. YouTube. 14 March 2007. Web. 30 April 2010.
Has no author:
Online Posting. YouTube. 29 January 2007. Web. 30 April 2010.
How to Format Your Essay:
On page 221 of The Curious Researcher, you will find a Checklist before Handing in a Paper in MLA Style. Please read this checklist carefully, formatting your essay exactly as it tells you to. There is one error: Your name, my name, the class name, and the date should be placed in the upper LEFT hand corner, not the upper right hand corner. Also, in your works cited DO include complete URLs of any websites that you cite from.
Do not lose points for forgetting to follow these guidelines!
We have been reading and discussing short videos this week about the woeful state of the school lunch program, feedin the world, growing a garden, and the eating of insects (entomophagy). If you have not already, make sure to consult the posted guidelines for writing a concise, neutral, and cohesive summary. A summary is a condensed and objective account of the main ideas and features of a text. When summarizing, you restate the key points of the text but do not add your own personal commentary or opinion. Short quotations are often included, but nothing more than a few very important words or phrases. Repeating the director’s names as you summarize reminds that reader that the opinions being expressed are not your own.CLICK HERE