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Treating ADHD with meds vs.Treating ADHD with counseling.

This paper It MUST relate to a topic where there are competing views (2 sides to an issue).
3. Do not cite Wikipedia or any “wiki” site as a source of information. Only use sources that provide the author’s name. For the purposes of this paper, “scholarly” sources are only journal articles. Please use sources that are called “Journal of ________” or “________Journal” that are not newspapers (since some newspapers contain “Journal” in their title). You will need to use the library databases in order to write this paper – you won’t be able to find Journals on standard websites. You may only use journal articles (at least 6) as sources of information for this paper –/ no websites, no textbooks, no encyclopedias, no blogs.
4. Use the headings listed below to organize your paper. You don’t need an abstract. Please name your paper “YourLastNamePaper”.
Headings that MUST be used to organize your paper:
Title – Should clearly state the 2 sides of the issue – ______ vs. ______
Introduction (briefly summarize the issue)
Position 1 – Within these “position” sections, you should begin the section with ONE sentence that summarizes the position. Then discuss each position using at least 3 journal articles within each position section (at least 6 total).
Position 2
My position – Your first sentence should summarize your position, and you MUST pick one side to support. Summarize your position based on the information presented above.
Experimental Research Idea (just a primary heading above the 2 sections below)
Purpose of the study/Significance of results – Why conduct this study? What issue will this study resolve?
Procedure – You must propose an EXPERIMENT (make sure you know what this is). Be very specific within your description – be sure to define all of your variables (IV and DV) and explain how you would conduct the study. If your study does not utilize an experimental design, the highest grade you will earn in this section is 2 out of 4 points.
References – This should include at least 6 journal articles (the 3 from each “position” section) at a minimum. Do not use the textbook or any websites as sources of information.
5. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!! – if I find that you presented anyone else’s work as your own, the minimum consequence will be a 0 on the paper. If you take information directly off of a source and don’t cite that source, that is called plagiarism (look at the syllabus to see other issues related to academic dishonesty). All sources used while writing this paper must be cited both within the text and within a references section at the end of the paper.CLICK HERE