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Victorian State Government

In May 2012 the Victorian State Government publicly announced its intentions to initiate work on planning for the East West
Link project with a view of implementing the project as soon as possible. The proposed project involves the construction of a new 18 km road
across Melbourne linking the existing Eastern Freeway to theexisting Western Ring Road.
Stage One ofthe East West Link Project has an
estimated budget of $5 -8 Billion according to the state government, with site work to commence in late 2014, and expected completion in
2019-20 (as stated in a Press Release issued by the Ministerfor Public Transport and Ministerfor Roads, Terry Mulder, on 18
what do you need to do
Prepare a well-researched and well-reasoned written report that thoroughly examines this
project. As the major summative assessment task for this unit (30 marks, 30%) you are given the flexibility to research,
design, and write your report with this primary goal: to show that you understand and can apply what we studied in project management this
trimester in this unit to a reasonable level of acceptable competency.
As site work has yet to commence on this project there is obviously
a relatively small historical track record for this project yet except for the early phases ofthe project’s lifecycle. However it is
expected that you perform synthesis work (as we studied in SEB323) to consider and propose how the project should be managed across th
entire lifecycle to at least the completion of Stage One ofthis project.