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Workplace Flexibility

An Investigation on the Relevance and Usage of Workplace Flexibility in Contemporary Working Environments
– You review to flexibility literature but none of this cited here appears in the literature review you sent me. I presume it has been added and is now a link between the two chapters.
– The work you have presented is in a highly refined writing style and appears to be drawing on some significant reports for example but I do not see how it is releveant to your own research. For example
– Page 1 “a sample of 607 workers “ is this realistic – I suggest not.
– Two lines later – how do you know they will have worked in the Org for 6 years and the 45/55 split male female?
– How do you know 51.7% are married or cohabiting before you even start the research data gathering phase ?
– What is the relevance of a “1159 individual sample frame”?
– Why have you chosen to sample a population in Conneticut?
– Who is the other person involved “in our research this undertaking will help in informing the relevance of workplace flexibility in contemporary forms”?
– What are the national statistics of workplace flexibility you refer to on page 2?
– Why are you doing a bi-annual survey? (bottom of page 2)
– How have you created the values allocations at the bottom of page 3?
Your chapter you have sent appears to focus predominantly on the sample but not on the other areas of methodology which need referring to , albeit some briefly.
Your chapter should refer to the following;
– What is your ontological/epistomelgical position as identified in Arthurs sessions in March? Are you trying to test hypotheses or identify new trends in simple terms?
– Where is the link between your research objectives and the chapter and methods. Be clear which objectives your methods are responding too.
– Justify why you have chosen the methods you have chosen – questionnaire, focus group and case study (tools)
– Identify why qualitative or /and quantitative
– How are you piloting your research tools?
– How are you analysing your tools
– How will you ensure reliable and valid data is collected